segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Alone until the sunrise, alive (or dead) until the sunset

Go, but let me here. Kill-us, and maybe this way i can breathe. Die, but don't turn back, don't turn you back, to me, to us. Maybe I can, or can't, hold you near. Maybe you can told me everything and the only ever thing. Always together, almost close. Quite good has we could, is'nt? Maybe the face i can't forget? May be the face i can't forget... And now, the end is near... or we pass through it and even not percepted? Each careful step, each dangerous step, each crazy and unknown highway, we can be sure that was suposed to be like this, and it's our fault, isn't? Only you... Only I ... Only...
But you know what? I can told you this: don't suicide me, don't kill yourself. Because i'll stay here, maybe alone till the sunrise, but alive after the sunset... Good night. Love you.

My suicide letter.

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